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 The more you chase Football betting

Football betting has a negative impact not only on the players themselves and their families but also adversely affects society. Many families fall into heavy debt due to gambling, leading to marital strife and familial discord.

Football betting is a complex issue that has long been prevalent in Vietnam. Despite efforts by law enforcement to crack down on illegal betting rings, betting activities persist every football season, posing risks to public safety and order.

"Ruined homes and broken families" due to football tip

Mr. A - a football enthusiast - shares: "Passion for sports isn't bad, loving football isn't either, but football betting can ruin homes and destroy families, plunging them into insurmountable debts that society must condemn."

"My friends are almost all football fans. Once, I joined in for fun, betting a few hundred thousand, just wagering on the team I liked. But there was a time when I lost millions, desperate to recover, I kept chasing losses and piled up debts. That's when I had to cut my losses, stop chasing, and accept losing those millions rather than risking losing everything. But many of my friends continue to chase losses; some lost their jobs and families in their pursuit to recover. This year, I watch for fun only; I absolutely don't gamble anymore," he confided.

Football betting negatively impacts the community. Image collection Football betting negatively impacts the community. Image collection

"My friend wasn't as lucky as him. With a stable job, he started by borrowing just salary and small amounts from friends due to his passion for football betting. Once, he called asking to borrow 500,000, only to find out it was just for daily interest payments. Working office hours during the day, he drove for ride-sharing apps at night to earn money. We thought he was doing okay for a while, thinking he'd managed to pay off his debts. But later, when he stopped working, we realized how deep in debt he was. The community started harassing his boss and former colleagues because of his debts. His wife and children urged him countless times to stop. He lost his job, his family, and now, none of us know where he is or what he's doing; some say he's gone abroad, others say he's back in his hometown..." he shared.

Football betting negatively impacts not only the players themselves and their families but also has a detrimental effect on society. There's a saying among the people, "Gambling is the stepchild of poverty." When immersed in the red-black passion, football bettors often stay up all night, pouring money into bets, neglecting work, and family responsibilities, resulting in deteriorating health and finances. Consequently, many families face conflicts, marital discord, and even divorce due to a spouse's gambling addiction.

Many people, feeling trapped, choose suicide, believing that death will absolve them of their debts, without considering the profound pain and sorrow their families and loved ones will endure, let alone the debts they leave behind.

Children born and raised in families with parents addicted to football betting often suffer psychological issues. They may mimic their parents or feel inferior because their parents didn't spend enough time caring for them, nurturing them, leading to family conflicts and fractures...

The family is the basic unit of society, and when families break down, society suffers. Along with the rise of football betting, pawnshop services, high-interest loans, and debt collection have also increased. These entities target gamblers, using cunning methods to deceive them into borrowing large sums at exorbitant interest rates, supposedly to 'support' their football betting habits. Moreover, gambling is a catalyst for various crimes like theft, hired assaults, and drug trafficking...

What punishment awaits football bettors

One cannot deny the allure and excitement of high-stakes matches between the world's strongest national teams in the king of premier league predictions However, exploiting the spirit of sportsmanship for personal gain, committing illegal acts, is unacceptable.

Lawyer Tran Xuan Tien shares about the laws regulating penalties for football betting offenses. Image: LSVN

Resolutely combating football betting

The repercussions of this red-black game on families and society are incalculable. To prevent and limit football betting, every citizen must raise awareness and strictly adhere to legal regulations related to gambling crimes and vices, especially football betting. They must understand the consequences and harm of football betting on themselves, their families, and society; absolutely refrain from participating in football betting in any form.

When receiving invitations, calls, or messages urging participation in football betting, which may show signs of deception, citizens can report to hotline 156 or provide evidence gathered to the nearest police agency under the Ministry of Public Security for handling according to the law.

Law enforcement agencies must enhance monitoring of online information, remove posts and advertisements related to football betting, and rigorously handle cases of posting and sharing. Additionally, they should collaborate with local authorities to conduct regular inspections to detect and penalize organizations and individuals involved in football betting, especially during this phase.

To curb the spread of best premium soccer tips 'octopus traps,' besides the efforts and determination of government levels, law enforcement, and specialized agencies, every citizen must heighten their vigilance, strictly comply with legal regulations related to football betting. The passion for 'king of sports' is an individual's right, but don't let the addiction to football betting lead to the disaster of 'ruining families and losing fortunes,' falling into the vortex of crime.


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