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Youth Led Entrepreneurship Program

Extended program to accelerate the success of business projects that matter to you,
but with a difference...

our workshops are lead by our students


Learn patterns and techniques to start your own business and to build a balanced, clear business plan. At the same time, build your self-confidence, your presentation skills and take control of your own destiny - our students research, plan and lead the workshops and exercises throughout this course, with the support and guidance of our knowledgeable project leader




  • Youths 16-29 years old

  • Anyone who wants to take their life to the next level


  • Experience what it means to learn and study on YOUR terms

  • Build a strong network of support with like-minded peers

  • Gain confidence and ditch self-limiting beliefs with support when you need it.

A Youth Leadership Program, co-created by the youth who participate to give you the voice and empowerment to build projects of your own. This program centres on building a business plan, including:

- Financial Planning

- Business marketing: social media and website planning

- Building healthy relationships at ever set of the business

- Anticipating, assessing and overcoming obstacles to build sustainability


This program is developed and led by the participants, to create the leaders of tomorrow.



Mellissa Last


Performance Consultant, Essential Oil Educator, 
Reiki Master/Teacher,

Desire Map Facilitator and Coach


Norm Tasevski


Co-Founder & CEO, Ourboro
Course Director, Social Entrepreneurship

(MEng), University of Toronto

(BBA + MBA), Schulich School of Business

Instructor Profile

Mellissa Last

(she/her), Instructor for Mental Wellness & Self-Development

Mellissa Last is a performance consultant, essential oil educator, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Desire Map facilitator and coach.


Her passion is supporting people re-discover themselves and fall in love with their life. She does this by helping clients uncover what matters most and re-adjust their priorities to create better alignment. If you hang out long enough with Mellissa, you may just end up loving your life and believing in yourself.

Norm Tasevski

(he/him), Instructor for Social Entrepreneur

Norm has spent his 15+ year career working to bridge the divide between individuals, businesses and institutions that want to make the world a better place, and investors seeking a blend of compelling financial returns and tangible social impact. He has advised and helped launch numerous impact-focused businesses in jurisdictions across North America and in multiple industry verticals. He has helped impact-minded investors to build their social finance strategies and deploy their capital into mission-aligned businesses and products.


Norm is a frequent guest speaker at innovation-oriented conferences and forums, presenting at well over 50 conferences over the past 10 years. He is sought after by government to provide policy and program advice. Norm sat on the Federal Government’s Social Innovation and Social Finance Steering Group (SFSG) tasked with developing the government’s strategy for building and enhancing the Impact Economy in Canada. The work of the SFSG led to the creation of a 755M Fund to support the Impact Economy in Canada.


Norm teaches social entrepreneurship and impact investing to MEng students at the University of Toronto, and previously taught at both the MBA and BBA levels at the Schulich School of Business. He sits on the Board of a mobile commerce technology firm (Nown POS), holds an MBA from the Schulich Business School, and holds an undergraduate degree in political science from Queen’s University

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