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About Us

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Success Accelerator offers a range of effective programs, delivered by professionals, that develop tangible skillset that youth require for today’s workplace. The aim is to empower young people to become the inspiring leaders of tomorrow.

An initiative of The Local Charity, Success Accelerator will support youth to build a life where they live in dignity, provide them an opportunity of inclusion, and enhance their resilience and security. Through participation in our programs, young people will be equipped with foundational understanding in the areas they choose, whether work-specific or personal and interpersonal skills. For example, our entrepreneurs begin by creating projects, developing innovative ideas and solutions, and progress through building and launching a prototype project. 

Meet The Team

Mariam Tazi


Marketing Manager

Laura Joly-Hutton


Marketing & Communications Coordinator


Zach Miller

Marketing Co-ordinator

Shimon Black.jpeg

Shimon Black


Education Program Lead, 
Financial Empowerment



Education Program Lead, 

Syed Zaidi.jpg

Syed Zaidi


Education Program Lead,
MasterClass - Writing

Laney Lui


Founder & Executive Director

Team Profile

Mariam Tazi (she/her), Marketing Manager

I strongly believe that the world can be a better place if we all contribute. Being very sensitive to equality of chances, I think that helping our young people in difficulty can unlock their potential, help them live with dignity, and create an ethical model in the community. Ultimately, this shall lead to a better world for all. Success Accelerator is a great platform that aims to do exactly that.
As an experienced marketing professional, I would like to contribute by bringing more awareness about Success Accelerator to have more young people enroll in our programs. I have a bachelors degree and a masters degree in Marketing & Communications.


I am passionate about the nonprofit sector and hold a big place in my heart for youth. I truly believe in the power of nonprofits in contributing to society and creating positive change. I hope to contribute to Success Accelerator to use that power to elevate youth and build a platform that will provide them with tools to become the best version of themselves. I hold a digital marketing and analytics certificate, a social media marketing certificate and am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communications and marketing. 


Laura Joly-Hutton (she/her), Marketing & Communications Coordiantor


Laney Lui (she/her), Founder & Executive Director

I was inspired to start the The Local Charity & Success Accelerator after having gone through many trials in my own life. Having experienced abuse and being estranged from my father, I can relate to those who have experienced despair and hopelessness. The journey has taught me how to be strong, how to be independent, how to forgive, and how to love.
I had also experienced being a single mother, and the journey had been challenging, but it has given me perspective on what it takes to overcome rough patches in life (though now I am happily re-married). I hope to contribute and inspire the folks I cross paths with towards living their best lives.
My parents have both exemplified qualities that contributed to my charity work. My mother modelled benevolence, and I’ve learned to be kind and grateful from her (I also acquired her sense of humour 😉 ). As an illegal immigrant, my father persevered through adversity and built an empire; I got my curiosity, strength, and entrepreneurial spirit from him.
For me, charity can be so impactful. The effort put in goes a long way in helping to improve lives. It’s often easy, usually inconvenient, but always necessary.

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