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Self Mastery Series

These are FREE workshops that you can take independently (no pre-requisite)or attend all of them to gain a more holistic view of your emotional intelligence inventory. 

Each participant will complete the assessment to get their personalized EQ-i2.0 report. Meet with a certified practitioner to review the report and set their goals around Emotional Intelligence. Then attend the six-session series as a group to develop their emotional intelligence. 


  • Youths 16-29 years old residing in the GTA

  • May experience intense emotions and curious to gain more control when that occurs

  • May be frustrated with interactions with others and open to improving those relationships (it can be done!)

  • May feel stressed from different areas of life and would like to learn to cope with it more powerfully


  • Gain critical skills for building meaningful relationships, resolving conflict, solving problems, leading effectively, and building resilience. 

  • Develop strong emotional intelligence  and enjoy the benefits that come with it. 

Next cohort: Starts Wednesday April 10 to May 15 from 7pm to 8:30pm
Weekly for 6 weeks

Emotional Intelligence - what it is, where it came from and why it’s important. In this EQ-i series, we will be exploring the 15 Competencies of EQ and practice how to master them. These are interactive workshops where you get to participate and apply real-life examples, you may even get some spot coaching. We will be exploring 3 Competencies per workshop, it will be interactive and each participant will gain a deeper of self-awareness and learn from one another in a safe space.

Workshops are stand-alone and though it’s beneficial to attend all of them at some point to get a comprehensive grasp to EQ-i, no prerequisite is required to attend the sessions. 


This series is based on EQ-i 2.0, a Level B Psychometric assessment based on the research of Dr. Reuven Bar-On, published by Multi-Health Systems Inc (MHS). It is one of the most reliable, valid and highly researched EQ assessment tools.  Spots are limited and offered at a first come first serve basis, early registration will be offered to those that attended other sessions to ensure we make deeper meaningful impacts. 

























Emotional Intelligence: Self-Perception

This realm of emotional intelligence concerns what we generally refer to as the “inner self.” It determines how in touch with your feelings you are, how good you feel about yourself and about what you're doing in life. Success in this area means that you are aware of your feelings, feel strong, and have confidence in pursuing your life goals.


Emotional Intelligence: Self-Expression

This realm of emotion intelligence concerns how we generally express our emotions. When we express our feelings honestly, we are better equipped to deal with them because we actually know what we are feeling instead of denying it. As a result, we will feel a stronger sense of freedom, authenticity, closer connection with people around us, and free from emotional dependency on others. 


Emotional Intelligence: Interpersonal

This realm of emotional intelligence concerns what are known as people skills. Those who function well in this area tend to be responsible and dependable. They understand, interact with and relate well to others in a variety of situations. They inspire trust and function well as part of a team.


Emotional Intelligence: Decision Making

This realm of emotional intelligence concerns your ability to use your emotions in the best way that helps you solve problems and make optimal choices. Success in this area means that you can grasp problems and devise effective solutions, deal realistically with situations, and manage impulses that may disrupt effective decision making.


Emotional Intelligence: Stress Management

This realm of emotional intelligence concerns your ability to be flexible, tolerate stress and be optimistic. Success in this area means that you are able to remain calm and focused, change direction or beliefs when presented with new evidence, demonstrate resilience, maintain a positive attitude, and constructively withstand adverse events and conflicting emotions without caving in. In the workplace, these skills are vital if you customarily face tight deadlines or must juggle many demands on your time. At home, they enable you to simultaneously maintain a busy household and be mindful of your physical health.

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EQi-2.0 is used by many Fortune 100 companies to elevate their teams. 



Laney Lui


EQi-2.0 Certified

Instructor Profile

Laney Lui

(she/her), Emotional Intelligence Lead

EQi-2.0 certified and trained to develop emotional intelligence, I am passionate about gaining a deeper sense of self and interacting with the world around you more intentionally through the EQi-2.0 model. 

As someone who struggled with mastering my own emotions at a young age and have tendencies to get stressed and frustrated when facing my own emotions and interacting with people around me, I see the benefits of developing these skillset and appreciate that this journey takes time to practice developing new ways of being. 

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