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Youth Ambassador Project

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The Youth Ambassador Program is guided by the principle that those affected by a problem have the power to shape the solution.

Youth impacted by systemic barriers have valuable insights on these issues, and can best identify specific challenges and potential solutions based on their lived experience. Through a combination of leadership development workshops and youth-led advocacy projects, our youth ambassadors lead efforts to address issues that affect them and their community. This group represents youth served by Success Accelerator and advocates for issues that are important to them, while working with our staff and Board of Directors to ensure our internal decisions are guided by youth.

Project Goals

  • Represent the interests of underrepresented youth in the GTA and/or within the organization.

  • Build capacity for youth to take on leadership roles.

  • Develop leadership skills (for example: public speaking, facilitation skills, decision-making skills, strategic goal setting, how to run effective meetings, team building...)

  • Learn principles of advocacy and community organizing in order to systematically address problems and promote organizational sustainability that is mission-aligned.


Our Youth Ambassadors chose their own projects and priorities within the program, so everyone's experience will be different. However, sample projects include:

  • Provide feedback on current programming and evaluation methods.

  • Help develop and shape future program offerings.

  • Prepare social media and newsletter content.

  • Organize events to spread awareness of issues and/or increase youth engagement with SA.

  • Develop fundraising materials and strategies that accurately represent the participant population.

  • Provide feedback and suggestions on SA governance and decision-making processes.



  • Youth between the ages of 16-29 with lived experience of facing proven barriers to success.

  • Preference will be given to youth who have participated in SA programs.

  • Preference will be given to youth who identify as being part of marginalized groups and/or underrepresented communities.


Time Commitment


  • 6 months

  • Meet (virtually) every 1-2 weeks

  • 1-on-1/small group check-ins between meetings to assist with project progress

  • Contribute asynchronously between meetings as needed/committed 


General Meeting Structure


  • SA updates and upcoming events

  • Agenda

  • Ice breaker (eg. youth-led activity, discussion of articles related to project focus etc.)

  • Leadership/advocacy skill spotlight (20 minute presentation from adult or youth expert)

  • Provide project updates

  • Take ownership of time and deadlines

  • Small group work time (as needed)


  • Youths 16-29 years old residing in the GTA

  • Youth with lived experience, who are passionate about making a difference


  • Develop skills in leadership, advocacy, project management, etc. 

  • Be heard and seen around a topic that is close to your heart

Program Lead


Senait Isaac


Youth Ambassador Project Lead

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