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Vision Board Workshop

This is a FREE workshop for youth 16-29 residing in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Success has a variety of answers as there are no RIGHT or WRONG views because it is based on your personal experience of self. This workshop will enhance your confidence and self-awareness. You will gain a new perspective on how to approach your sacred purpose. Make a list of all the things you think you want to achieve, try, experience and travel. Allow yourself to flow and let it all out. You will go over it all and restructure it once you’ve reviewed it before it goes on the board. 


  • Wanting to intentionally clarify and manifest their best self, creating and move towards your best life. 

  • Come ready to ask yourself intimate questions to go deep within your being.


  • Clarify your goals to create our vision boards

    • What is important to you? ​

    • Where are you struggling? 

    • Where do you see your life going (1 day. 1 week. 1 month. 1 year)

    • What habits will you be releasing and recreating for your growth? 

    • What sparks Joy? 

    • What are your health and wellness goals?

  • Go into our areas of interest where we look at habits and beliefs that may be blocking you from progressing

Date: Saturday December 10, 2022

Time: 10:00am to 12:30pm (lots of breaks to and it's a fun working session)

Location: Online (via zoom)

You will need to prepare some of your photos beforehand so you can have more time to search and place your findings. We will all be working on it at the same time, it will be interactive with the presentations to better organize our creative flow.


Most of all this will be a fun and fulfilling experience, don't think or stress. It only has to be specific to your goals and areas you want to find a focus to build for your enjoyment of a good life.




Shebah Toussaint


Digital Creator & Holistic Health Coach

Instructor Profile

Shebah Toussaint

(she/her), Instructor

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