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About Us

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Creating the Diverse Leaders of Tomorrow

Success Accelerator programs are delivered by professionals to help youth develop the tangible skillset required for today.

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Our Values

Ingrained in everything we do is a DNA of equity and inclusion.



We always do what we say we’ll do; we know our words are powerful and we act with uncompromising honesty in everything we do.



We are compassionate, understanding people. We care deeply and do not judge. Your unique perspective and situation matter to us.



We work to ensure that everyone has the power and autonomy to own their future. We also believe that ownership demands accountability.



As individuals, we get stronger every day. When we fall down, we get back up. We also know that we’ll never have to struggle alone.



We’re always challenging the old ways. We seek new ideas and opportunities, and we daringly pursue a better way forward.


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I believe this program will equip me with new skills, to further my entrepreneurial ability and curiosity so I can tap into my dream in supporting my community and making a positive impact.

Success means movement in my direction. I have walked my own individual path in life and there is possibly that my experience can be of help to someone.

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