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Goal Setting Series

These are FREE revolving workshops that you can take independently or attend all of them to effectively deepen the learning

Hands-on interactive workshop limited to 12 participants per session. Preference will be given to those that have attended a previous workshop. 


  • Youth aged 16-29 in the GTA

  • Those who want more from life, and may feel stuck or lost

  • Those who haven't had success in goal setting and want a framework, plan, and support

  • Those that feel like they've hit a plateau and want to level up


  • Learn and use proven strategies to effectively build and keep habits

  • Move to action, overcome obstacles, and take meaningful steps towards your goals

  • Consistency in setting and achieving goals

Effective Goal Setting

In this workshop we move beyond SMART Goals and will learn about what is needed for the most effective method of setting goals. You will have the opportunity to build goal clarity, set some meaningful action steps, increase commitment and create some solid supporting actions to help you reach your goals. 

Motivation to Reach Your Goals

We’ll explore and try out some of the proven methods, strategies, tips, and tricks to boost your motivation and push you into action. With the use of mind mapping, and other tools, you will come out with great tools and ideas to take meaningful action towards your goals. 

Building Good Habits 

We often start good and healthy habits with every intention of keeping them but struggle to make them actually stick. It’s not your fault! In this workshop you’ll come to understand that there is an actual science to building and keeping habits. We’ll go through the steps to help you make a habit plan that will actually stick so that you can build on the important habits that will help you to reach your goals. 























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Lina Maria Aristizabal-E20 2022.jpeg

Lina Maria Aristizabal


MSc, OCT, PECT, Certified Coach, Educator

Instructor Profile

Lina Maria Aristizabal

(she/her), Education Program Director

I am a certified teacher, coach, and resilience trainer committed to sharing the wisdom and tools of wellbeing science and positive psychology with the community. I know the powerful positive impact that the right knowledge, tools, and opportunities can have on a person’s life. It is important to me to be able to contribute to sharing these tools and providing these opportunities to those that need it most so that they can move in the direction they want to go in life and feel good doing it.

I came to this work after some health and life challenges that deeply changed my perspective and mindset about life. After an adventurous decade living and working overseas, I am happy to be staying in one spot, building joyful connections and living my purpose.

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