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Help us with our Signature Slogan ideas!

From August 1, 2023 to August 31, 2023, we are accepting submissions of slogan ideas for Success Accelerator. 

The sogan would ideally: 

  • Reflect what Success Accelerator does

  • Embody our values and/or mission

  • Be short and snazzy

  • Example: "Accelerate your success!"

If you have further questions, feel free to email us at with the subject title "Question about the Slogan". 

Success Accelerator is looking to create a Signature Slogan to use as sign-off we can use across our messaging and inviting you to help! 

If we pick your slogan, you can get CAD$100!* See restrictions below

*The prize can only be given out to qualified people who meet these criteria:

  1. Only one prize will be awarded, so you must be the first to submit the idea.

  2. You must be between the ages of 16-29 during August, 2023

  3. You must reside in the Greater Toronto Area during August, 2023

  4. We reserve the right to require verification that you are qualified to participate

How to participate 

  1. Submit your slogan idea by commenting on the social media post mentioning this opportunity, direct message it to us, or email it to

  2. By sharing your slogan idea with us, you agree to let us use the idea/slogan freely without royalty or payment and you do not claim any copyright. 

  3. Each account may submit up to three ideas for the August 2023 period. 

  4. The selected participant to receive the CAD$100 thank you token will be contacted by direct message or email and will have 7 calendar days to confirm or they will forfeit it. We plan to announce who will receive it mid-to-late September. 

Thank you for your interest and help with this and hope you have fun! 💙

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